McDonald’s Japan is giving away a gold chicken nugget


McDonald’s Japan is creating a promotion where people need to follow clues to find McNuggets made from gold. Now McDonald’s chicken nuggets really are worth their weight in gold. Well, at least one nugget in Japan is. McDonald’s Japan is offering customers the chance to win an 18-karat gold chicken …

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The ‘fear trade’ is making gold look like a good investment again


Plunging oil prices, rising market volatility, surging global debt—it’s all beginning to remind some investors of 2008. Earlier this month, billionaire former hedge fund manager George Soros warned of an impending financial crisis similar to the last major one, which sent shockwaves throughout global markets. The comparisons to 2008 have …

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A Gold Obsession Pays Dividends For Indian Women


It’s indestructible. It’s fungible. It’s beautiful. And for Indians, gold – whether it’s 18-, 22- or 24-carat — is semi-sacred. The late distinguished Indian economist I.G. Patel observed, “In prosperity as in the hour of need, the thoughts of most Indians turn to gold.” No marriage takes place without gold …

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Denmark wants to seize jewelry and cash from refugees


In recent months, Denmark has taken a fairly harsh stance toward refugees. In September, for example, authorities published an ad in Lebanese newspapers carrying an unmistakable message to foreigners who might think about seeking asylum: Don’t come to Denmark. Now, the country is debating another and even more extreme step: …

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Ancient Roman Jewelry Found Under Shop


A 2,000-year-old story of terror and devastation has been brought to light during renovation work at an English department store, revealing one of the finest collections of Roman jewelry as well as human remains of people who were slaughtered at the site. The jewelry had been undisturbed since 61 A.D. …

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Cache of Silver Jewelry Unearthed in Bulgaria


SOFIA, BULGARIA—Silver jewelry dating to the second half of the seventeenth century has been unearthed in northwest Bulgaria by locals who turned it over to the country’s National Museum of History. The treasure, which includes a tiara, two forehead adornments, earrings, ear tabs, and rings, is thought to have been …

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