Can You Pawn Class Rings? | Sell Class Rings in Las Vegas 

In America, some individuals wear class rings to commemorate their graduation, usually from a high school, college, or university. Modern class rings are customizable, from their material and design to their style and color. They also sometimes carry gems in the center. Manufacturers also offer a wide selection of pictures, emblems, words, and pictures that you can add to the sides of class rings. Sometimes, class rings can also be made out of precious metals and stones; that’s why pawning class rings have become a thing. But do pawn shops buy class rings? Can you sell your class rings? Where can you sell your class rings? Let’s find out. 

How Pawning Works

Pawn shops mainly focus on providing quick and easy loans to their customers. When you pawn class rings, the process is simple. You bring them to a pawn shop, and they assign a price for them. Then, they loan you this amount of money, which you must pay off over a few months along with interest. The class rings serve as protection for the pawn shop’s interest. Only after you pay off your debt entirely can you claim your class rings back. You can also sell your class rings, but this is entirely different from pawning. 

Do Pawn Shops Buy Class Rings?

So, do pawn shops buy class rings? In essence, the answer is no. However, although hard to find, you will eventually encounter one where you can pawn a class ring. Usually, people who come to pawn shops for quick cash do not qualify for proper bank loans. Pawn shops take advantage of their customers’ urgent need for money, so they add high-interest rates to their loans. This is how they make a profit. If you want to get good money, your best bet is to sell your class rings instead. 

Sell Your Class Rings Instead

Most pawn shops do not buy class rings. Instead, they simply take it as a pawned item and loan customers money that they consider parallel to its value. Meanwhile, when you sell your class rings, buyers do more than just consider an amount. Since most buyers are determined to acquire certain things, they analyze items carefully and are willing to pay more to get their hands on what they are looking for. This way, you get a better price for your class rings. Also, unlike pawning class rings, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on paying a monthly fee for your loan. 

Where to Sell Class Rings

Today, Nevada Coin Mart is probably the best place to sell your class rings and any other rings in all of Las Vegas. We have a team of experts equipped with knowledge on precious items like class rings and special coins. We also use the state-of-the-art Thermo Niton X-Ray Spectrometer to analyze the metal compositions of any item. With this, we can accurately determine the value of class rings and give you a fitting offer. Our transparency with transactions like this has helped thousands of customers earn quick cash without having to worry about any interest rates and other fees. 

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Brief Background

The tradition of making and wearing class rings dates back to batch 1835 of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Wearing class rings goes beyond school pride and requires proper etiquette. You need to follow a protocol if you want to wear your class ring so that it serves as more than just an embellishment. For as long as the wearer is at school, the ring’s insignia should face the wearer to remind the wearer of a specific goal: to graduate. Upon graduation, the class ring’s status changes into a badge of honor, like a diploma. After the ceremony, the wearer can turn the ring’s insignia outwards so that viewers can see it.