Pawning Engagement Rings VS Selling Engagement Rings in Las Vegas

People wear engagement rings to symbolize their status of being engaged to be married. It usually comes in a set along with wedding rings. However, couples wear their wedding rings more often and keep their engagement rings as keepsakes. And since they often sit in drawers, pawning engagement rings has become a quick way to earn cash today. As a result, selling engagement rings has also become popular, especially if you know the best place to bring them. But what is the difference between selling and pawning, and which is the better option for you?

Pawning Engagement Rings

Pawn shops focus on providing quick loans for their customers. However, fast money is not always favorable. Pawn shops often assume that their customers do not qualify for proper bank loans and treat them as such. They would take advantage of this situation and leave customers with no choice but to accept a loan with extremely high-interest rates. Once they arrive at the pawn shop, customers eventually accept whatever deal they are offered.

Also, pawn shops merely assign a price for the items their customers pawn. They do not have proper procedures or in-house experts that can accurately determine the true value of items. With these details in mind, you can see that you will never get a fair price when pawning engagement rings. Meanwhile, when you sell engagement rings, you can receive a price that matches the value of your engagement ring, making it a more practical option if you need money.

Selling Engagement Rings

Ring buyers follow proper protocols and procedures in determining the value of certain items. Sometimes, when they’re set on acquiring the item you have, they will even offer you an amount of money higher than your asking price. Also, you only have to deal with your buyer once when selling engagement rings. Meanwhile, you will have to pay a monthly fee when you pawn your engagement rings. And if you forget to pay it even once, you might lose your engagement ring to the pawn shop. When this happens, you lose so much more than what you gained.

Best Place to Sell Engagement Rings

Today, the best place to sell engagement rings in Las Vegas is probably at Nevada Coin Mart. We are home to GIA graduate gemologists with knowledge of various jewelry. We also use the state-of-the-art Thermo Niton X-Ray Spectrometer to get an accurate reading of the metal compositions of any item. This way, we can give offers to our clients that are both transparent and fair. Pawning your engagement rings may be a quick way to earn cash if you don’t mind paying a lot more than your loan. If not, then selling your engagement rings is your best option. Bring them to our only store at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 to get the best deals today. You can also call us at 702-998-4000 or email us at [email protected] if you want to talk to our experts today.

Brief Background

Historically, the story of engagement rings can be traced back to Ancient Rome, and it was not as romantic as we all know it today. It used to mean nothing more than a mark of ownership back then. Engagement rings did not originally have diamonds too. It was only inc1477 did people begin seeing diamonds on engagement rings. The first one was crafted for Archduke Maximilian of Austria when he proposed to Mary of Burgundy.

According to some historians, the women of Ancient Rome wore rings of iron, ivory, bone, copper, and flint to signify a bonding contract and to affirm love and obedience. In 850, Pope Nicholas I declared engagement rings as the official representation of a man’s intent to marry his better half.

Even in Ancient Rome, gold was a popular material for betrothal rings, more popular than silver and diamonds. However, today, more and more people, especially those from Generation Z, choose to go for minimalist rings with simpler materials like copper, white gold, and semi-precious stones. But, no matter its material, you can always bring your engagement to Nevada Coin Mart if you want to sell them. Here are some styles of engagement rings we are currently on the look for:

Solitaire Rings

  • Cluster Round Style
  • Cluster Princess Styles

Halo Pear Style

  • Halo Emerald Style

Three Stone Style