Pawn Rolex | Selling Rolex to Pawn Shop – Las Vegas, NV

Swiss-made watches like a Rolex are one of the things that people like to pawn or sell, for that matter. So when people own a watch like Rolex and need extra cash, they usually look into pawning their Rolex. And in this article, you will learn about pawning a Rolex and why selling your Rolex to a specialty buyer is better than selling it to a pawn shop.

Pawn Rolex

As we all know, Rolex is a high-value luxury watch, and it is a very sellable watch even if it is second-hand. If you own a Rolex and want to pawn it, you are surely getting a high price for it, which seems like a good offer. But, Rolex is a high-value watch, so the interest you will be paying to get it back will be huge. Therefore, pawning a Rolex is high-risk as interests will be high too. And chances are you cannot pay back the interest, thus losing the watch all together. And that is why it is better to sell your Rolex.

Sell Rolex to Pawn Shop

While pawn shops are a “loan quick cash” business, they also buy stuff instead of just taking them as collateral. You might be thinking of selling your Rolex to a pawn shop, but pawn shops will only pay for the brand, and that’s it. Also, pawn shops are not the best option if you want to sell your Rolex, and here are some reasons why:

  • You will not receive the best value – Pawn shops offer a sense of convenience, but you will not get the true value for your Rolex. Expert watch buyers will carefully evaluate your Rolex for its condition, movement, and serial number, among others, and will base the price of your item on those factors. 
  • No watch experts – Another reason why you should avoid selling to pawn shops is that they do not have an in-house watch expert. Which will result in only glossing over the most basic things about a luxury watch. Eventually, the lack of in-depth knowledge about what makes a Rolex a high-value item will impact the valuation that pawn shops provide. 
  • There are better options – Specialty buyers like Nevada Coin Mar buys Rolexes. It can provide you with a quote online, and when it checks the watch in person, the price may even be higher than the quote given.

Selling your Rolex 

If you have decided to sell your Rolex, sell it to Nevada Coin Mart. Nevada Coin Mart gives a free quote with no obligation to sell. We also have watch experts who will evaluate your Rolex’s value, so you get the best price. Unlike pawning, you don’t have to worry about paying back the loan amount plus the interest. We will buy your Rolex and other watches even if you no longer have the box or without paperwork. Get a free quote on your Rolex today at

For more information about selling your Rolex, visit us at 4065 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas 89103, or call us at 702-998-4000. We are open every day from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.

About Rolex

Rolex is probably the most well-known watch in the world. The Swiss watch brand has a rich 124-year history that revolutionized the watch industry. Rolex was established in 1905 by a German0born businessman, Hands Wilsdorf. And the company specializes in the sale and distribution of watches. 

And in 1910, the company began manufacturing watches in Bienne, Switzerland. The watches manufactured in Switzerland were superior in quality to those made in London. Rolex eventually got a Chronometric Certification. And today, Rolex is still one of the most high-quality watches in the luxury watch market.