Pawning Diamond Jewelry VS Selling Them in Las Vegas

People have always associated diamonds with love and strength. Throughout history, leaders wore diamonds to symbolize their strength and invincibility. Diamond jewelry is expensive because of logistics. Bringing them to market can cost a lot, and there’s only a limited number of fine-quality diamonds. So, a lot of people around the world tend to want to buy them. Because of their desirability, pawning diamond jewelry has become one of the fastest ways to earn money. However, selling your diamond jewelry is better than pawning it. You just need to find a reputable diamond jewelry buyer that can give you the best offer. Read on to learn about the best place to sell diamond jewelry and the resale value of diamond jewelry.

Pawning Diamond Jewelry

Pawn shops do not have experts on precious gems like diamonds. They also don’t have proper procedures to determine the value of diamond jewelry. Usually, pawn dealers merely assign a price for their customers’ items. Then, they loan this amount to their clients along with high-interest rates. With these details in mind, you can see that you end up paying more than what you gained with pawning diamond jewelry. If you want a good offer that matches the value of your diamond jewelry, selling your diamond jewelry would be a better way to go. 

Selling Diamond Jewelry

With selling diamond jewelry, you get to decide your price. So, you get the opportunity to consider various factors when determining the value of your diamond jewelry. Some diamond jewelry buyers will even pay you more than your asking price if your item is highly desirable. However, finding individuals that would buy your items can be a little tedious. It would require a bit of research, a lot of your time, and good connections with networks of people highly interested in diamond jewelry. If you want to skip all these hassles, you can simply find a place to sell your diamond jewelry. 

Resale Value of Diamond Jewelry

Before selling diamond jewelry, one must understand some factors that can help determine its price. Usually, gem experts would follow a system when coming up with the value of diamond jewelry items. This system involves examining the gems based on what is called the 4Cs. It is a grading system for precious diamonds developed by the Gemological Institute of America back in 1953. The 4Cs involve analyzing precious gems based on carat, clarity, cut, and color. Proper diamond jewelry buyers follow this system with pride. Meanwhile, when you pawn your diamond jewelry, you can never be sure if your item is examined using this system. 

Best Place to Sell Diamond Jewelry

Today, Nevada Coin Mart is the best place to sell diamond jewelry in Las Vegas. We are home to GIA-certified experts bound to solid work ethics and follow the 4Cs system religiously when buying precious stones and other diamond items like rings and earrings. We also use “Gem Diamond Lite,” a GIA’s Gem Instruments tool, to analyze precious gems. The data we get from this device helps us remain transparent and give fair deals that match the value of your diamond jewelry. Pawning diamond jewelry may be a good idea if you intend to claim your diamond jewelry back. However, selling it would be the wiser choice if you want to eliminate your item completely and get better offers. Visit us at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103. You can also call us at 702-998-4000 or email us at [email protected] to talk to our experts today. 

Brief History

Historians and archeologists claim that the first example of diamonds used in jewelry dates back to 1074 AD. This was when a Hungarian queen had diamonds set into her crown. Since then, numerous royal families have begun putting precious diamonds in their crowns and royal jewels. These historical events became possible thanks to Alexander the Great, king of Macedon in 327 BC, who brought the first diamonds in Europe from Inda. 

The first documented case of diamond cutting also occurred in Europe, specifically in Paris around 1407. It involved an active guild of jewel cutters who then passed their knowledge of diamond cutting down to various generations.