How to Pawn a Necklace | Sell Necklaces in Las Vegas

If you’re wondering how to pawn a necklace, you must first understand that pawn shops focus on providing loans. They’re mainly after the precious metals that necklaces carry, so make sure that your necklace is not just gold-plated, or else you’ll end up home empty-handed. Pawning a necklace does seem like a quick way to get money. However, in hindsight, you will see that selling a necklace is much better. Here’s why:

How to Pawn a Necklace

Once you learn how to pawn a necklace, you’ll realize why selling your necklace is the better option. Virtually all pawn shops focus on providing quick loans to their customers. They profit by adding extremely high-interest rates to the loans they provide. Obviously, they are confident that their customers will eventually take the deals they offer. This is because, more often than not, people who go to pawn shops for loans are the ones who do not qualify for proper bank loans. Pawn shops also know that their customers need money fast, so they take advantage of their customers’ situation. 

Moreover, pawn shops rarely have in-house jewelry experts. They merely assign a price to items without putting them through a system. With this process, you can never be sure if you’re getting the price that your item deserves. Meanwhile, when you sell your necklace, you know you’ll get the full price that matches the current value of your necklace. 

Also, when you pawn a necklace, the pawn shop will take ownership of your item if you forget to pay your monthly fees even just once. When this happens, you end up paying much more than you gained. 

How to Pawn a Necklace? Don’t. Sell Your Necklace Instead

On the other hand, when you sell your necklaces to a reputable necklace buyer, you get better prices. This is because buyers like Nevada Coin Mart have specific processes and procedures for determining the value of necklaces. Buyers are also usually focused on acquiring specific items, so they are more willing to give you good prices. Unlike pawn shops, you don’t have to pay mysterious interest fees when you sell an item. 

Where to Sell Necklaces

If you do not know how to pawn a necklace, consider selling it first. And today, the best place to sell a necklace in Las Vegas is probably at Nevada Coin Mart. Our team includes experts on jewelry who are equipped with knowledge of various items like silver and gold jewelry. We also use a state-of-the-art Thermo Niton X-Ray Spectrometer to analyze precious metal contents in any item. The data from this technology helps us accurately and fairly determine any necklace’s value. Visit us at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103. You can also call us at 02-998-4000 to talk to our staff today. 

Brief History

Necklaces are probably the earliest form of jewelry that prehistoric humans wore. Early civilizations wore necklaces as part of their identity or on different occasions like ceremonies, religious rituals, and funerals. They also wear specific necklaces to represent their status. For instance, the elites wore gold and silver necklaces with precious gemstones in Ancient Rome. In old Egypt, only the upper class could afford to wear metal necklaces. Their necklaces usually had themes from nature, like plants, animals, and insects. Lower-class citizens could only wear necklaces that had non-precious materials like hollow beads, glass, and even pottery. 

Today, jewelers can already make necklaces using various materials, from precious metals and stones to plastics and fabrics. But, aside from its precious metal and stone contents, other factors can also influence its value, like the brands, craftsmanship, artistry, intricacy, and quality. So, if you want to sell your necklace, it would truly help to understand its composition and history first.