Can You Pawn Broken Jewelry in Las Vegas

Most pawn shops only offer loans that require collateral. But can you pawn broken jewelry? After all, condition and quality play a huge role in affecting an item’s value. Technically, you can. However, you will not get a better deal with pawning than selling broken jewelry. Of course, the cost of repairing your jewelry will fall upon the buyer, so they might cut that repair budget off your asking price. To avoid this, consider getting your jewelry fixed first. But if you couldn’t be bothered with sending your jewelry to repair shops, you can move on to finding out the value of your broken jewelry. 

Value of Broken Jewelry

Generally, three factors influence the value of broken jewelry: quality, purity, and weight. Broken jewelry comes in various forms, shapes, styles, and sizes. So, its weight is an essential factor in determining its value. However, being heavier does not automatically mean that broken jewelry is expensive. It could also tell that it is filled with heavy metal alloys, which makes the item sturdy and feel luxuriously expensive.

Meanwhile, purity indicates the amount of actual precious metal in the item. This may be gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and even rhodium. Purity can also show how many non-precious metals and alloys an item carries. 

Lastly, the quality of broken jewelry shows how much work has to be done before it can be wearable again. Repairs will cost the buyer some money and service, so having some damages will decrease the value of broken jewelry. This will lessen some more if your item requires repair parts. The quality of broken jewelry also lets buyers know if your item still has some melt value. When you sell your broken jewelry, strive to look for a buyer who will consider all of these factors. This way, you can avoid low-ballers and find an offer that your item deserves.

What Happens When You Pawn Broken Jewelry

Usually, people who go to pawn shops to do business are looking for quick loans because they do not qualify for proper bank loans. Pawn shops often take advantage of this and jack up their interest rates. When they do, it costs more in the long run, and customers end up paying for more than what they gained. 

Pawn shops also do not have in-house jewelry experts who know the value of broken jewelry. Pawnshop owners and dealers only assign a specific price for items without due process. With a system like this, you can be sure that the money you get from pawning jewelry is much less than what it’s worth. 

Sell Broken Jewelry Instead

Although damaged, broken jewelry still carries precious metals like gold and silver. The damage may cost some of its value due to poor condition, but you can still sell broken jewelry. Buyers also have proper systems for determining any item’s price and giving you specific amounts without any fee or interest. Unlike pawning broken jewelry, you get a price that matches the value of your broken jewelry when you sell it. You also wouldn’t have to worry about paying monthly. 

Best Place That Buy Broken Jewelry

Nevada Coin Mart is home to expert buyers who understand the actual value of broken jewelry. We use a state-of-the-art Thermo Niton X-Ray Spectrometer to analyze metal contents, giving us accurate data that can be used to determine an offer for broken jewelry pieces. Our experts have the capacity to read these data and give you a price that your broken jewelry deserves. When you sell broken jewelry at Nevada Coin Mart, you will be one of the millions of people we have helped earn cash fast. Also, you would no longer have to worry about paying monthly fees after a deal. This is a more convenient way of making money than pawning your broken jewelry.

If you want to be wiser in dealing with your items, sell your broken jewelry to Nevada Coin Mart instead. You can visit our only store at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89103. You can also call us at 702-998-4000 to talk to our expert buyers. We are open 365 days a week, from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Brief History

Like intact jewelry, broken jewelry can still be valuable, depending on its metal contents. However, if your broken jewelry is missing some precious gems like diamonds, its value will be less. Most jewelry owners find it tedious to fix their broken jewelry, especially if it’s an old piece that has gone out of style. For this, they opt to sell their broken jewelry instead to earn back some money they spent on the items. Broken jewelry covers people’s clothing to adorn themselves and express their individuality. It can be a bracelet, a diamond ring, a necklace, or even an earring. You can sell whatever broken jewelry you have, even if they’ve become unwearable.